Government has given top priority in power sector development and committed to provide access to electricity to all citizens across the country by 2021. In order to achieve this goal Government has undertaken a number of reform measures. As a part of this Reform Programs by way of unbundling the Power Sector and increasing efficiency by ensuring accountability and better services in the field of Generation, Transmission and Distribution through reduction of distribution system loss and strengthening the financial position, North West Zone Power Distribution Co. Ltd. was constituted as a electricity distribution company in August  2005 under the Companies Act, 1994 as a Public Limited Company. The Manpower of the Distribution, North West Zone (RajshahiDivision  and  Rangpur Division comprising of 16 districts and 47 upazilla excluding REB area) of erstwhile Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) was put under ‘Lien’ being the employees of NWZPDCL on October 01, 2016. NWZPDCL signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Provisional Power Sales & Purchase Agreement (PSPA) with BPDB on August 01, 2016.

After signing the Agreements, the operational activities of NWZPDCL commenced on October 01, 2016 by taking over the distribution system of the then Distribution, North West Zone Zone of BPDB. NWZPDCL commenced its functioning from October, 2016 independently.